DIY Wedding Decor

You DIY brides are going to love this!! When choosing your centerpieces and want to do something original for your wedding décor try thinking outside the box! Who says your centerpieces must be in glass vases or another traditional container! Try creating your own! If you are feeling crafty and want to potentially save some money try these options! Who would have thought you can make a centerpiece out of pvc pipes or empty jars of honey!! Or better yet grab some old beer bottles and spray paint them white for some shabby chic centerpieces.

Your local Ottawa Michaels craft store has all you need to do any of these. The Home Depot is another great hidden gem for some crafts!!

We are firm believers that details are what make the look and feel of weddings memorable. Wedding centerpieces are no different because they define the reception table. These ideas are perfect for adding tons of gorgeous detail. You can easily coordinate any of these vases with the rest of your wedding décor!

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