Your wedding, your décor, your personality!


Here at Moonlight Events we have just started a new blog! What are we going to blog about you ask? Good question! We want our blog to help YOU: the bride and groom. We want to give you ideas, guidance and some inspiration to help you have the wedding decor of your dreams and of course have some fun along the way!

Wedding décor can be overwhelming at times especially at the beginning of your wedding planning. With so much to choose from it’s easy to get caught up and lose sight of the big picture!

The best place to start deciding on styling your wedding is starting with YOU. What do you like? What is your personality like? A wedding is a once in a life time event and it is about the bride and groom and what better way than to have your wedding reflect who you are?  Whether you want a black tie affair, vintage or a barn wedding anything is possible and all can be F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!! Wedding decor can really be anything you want it to be! There are no rules!

One suggestion we would like to give you: Whatever you do, just try STICK TO IT! It is very easy to change your mind about what you want your wedding decor to look like and to be honest it is to beimagesCARNM11F expected! You might start off with a vision in your head and it can slowly morph into something completely different. This is ok and it happens to almost every bride! To help you decide and keep stress levels to a minimum find something you LOVE.  When we mean love, we mean LOVE!!!! So get a picture, draw a sketch make a collage do whatever it is you have to do to capture your dream!

With so many sources to choose from today the inspirations are endless! At the end of the day all that matters is that you and your groomie are mr & mrs! So try and not sweat the small stuff!

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